What Are White Braces, And Are They Still A Good Option?

Whilst traditional metal braces were once the only option for teeth-straightening solutions, the dental world has come a long way. When considering your options, white braces (more precisely known as ceramic braces) offer an alternative solution due to their subtle and discreet nature.

Why white (ceramic) braces?

Whether you’re seeking braces for adults or a solution for children, exploring the different teeth straightening methods is worthwhile. Thanks to technological advancements, traditional metal braces – the perfect solution in most cases – are no longer the only option for aligning your teeth.


Made from ceramic, white braces are an excellent alternative for those who are looking for a teeth-straightening solution that’s less visible. Subtle in nature, white braces are a great way to achieve the smile that you’re looking for, with a focus on aesthetics. The only element of visible white braces is the connecting wire, resulting in a discreet tooth-coloured brace.


It’s helpful to note that orthodontists are usually responsible for treating and managing ceramic braces. 


Why The Dental Room for your teeth straightening needs

The Dental Room offers a range of teeth-straightening solutions: predominantly metal braces and Invisalign®, which are both highly effective. However, we are best placed to advise on all of your options to improve your smile, which include ceramic braces, traditional braces, and Invisalign®.  


Our in-house dentist Dr Emily Pow offers metal braces over ceramic as the metal kind is more reliable and tends to function better. They can also be more affordable than ceramic braces. We understand our clients lead busy lifestyles and want predictable, fuss-free treatments. Therefore, metal braces are the way forward. 


Leading aesthetic dentist Dr Shawn Rama is ahead of the curve when it comes to Invisalign® treatment. With over two decades of experience and an accredited Invisalign Platinum Provider in Melbourne, our clinic has the latest scanning technology and treatment protocols to unlock your smile’s full potential. 


During your initial consultation with us, if we feel that ceramic braces are the best aesthetic teeth straightening solution for you (vs. traditional braces or clear aligners), we will point you in the right direction to some of the best orthodontists in town, who we work closely with.


Metal braces: A highly effective teeth-straightening solution

Metal braces are often the ‘go-to’ option for children and teenagers. However, you’ll now find adults sporting them, too, due to their effectiveness and the additional benefits they provide. A very reliable, effective, and fuss-free teeth straightening method, traditional metal braces are robust, using a series of metal wires and brackets to adjust the position of your teeth. The brackets are fixed to the teeth, and the wires apply appropriate pressure to achieve the desired movement, resulting in an individual’s desired smile over time. 


We are experts in fitting metal braces on adults and children and take pride in this traditional teeth-straightening solution that is still a highly attractive way of improving your smile. 


Invisalign®: A clear alternative to straightening your teeth

Invisalign® is another great teeth-straightening solution and alternative to ceramic braces. Less noticeable than white braces and still highly effective, Invisalign® is an increasingly popular option, especially among young adults. 


As we explore Invisalign®, it’s important to acknowledge from the outset that some individuals may still require traditional metal braces based on their needs and personalised treatment plan. Whilst Invisalign® may be an excellent option for some, the same may not be true for others. We can help you work out what is best for you. 


As Invisalign® explains, “Behind every clear aligner is an industry-leading team of engineers and scientists who are continuously innovating to improve your path to a beautiful smile.” Drawing on the most advanced technology pioneered by scientists and engineers alike, Invisalign® is changing the world of braces with its precise approach and research-backed process.


So, what is Invisalign®, and could it be the right solution for you? Let’s take a look.


Results may vary between individuals. Any dental procedure carries risks and benefits.

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® is leading the way to practical, discreet and comfortable teeth-aligning solutions. Not only does Invisalign® offer excellent aesthetics, but it also continues to deliver positive results for clients worldwide.


Considering the extensive research, experience and technology that Invisalign® has been founded on, it’s safe to say that they’re doing something right.


The Dental Room is a trusted Invisalign® Platinum provider in Melbourne, so we have considerable experience with this treatment option. Additionally, Dr Shawn Rama is a cosmetic dentistry leader highly regarded in Australia and overseas.


Ceramic Braces or Invisalign®? Which is right for you?

Determining whether braces or Invisalign® are the better option will depend on the current condition of your teeth, lifestyle, finances, and aesthetic preferences.


For example, if you prefer a discreet and subtle option, ceramic braces or Invisalign® may be your best options. However, with Invisalign®, it’s worth noting that you need to be compliant. The aligners should be worn for at least 22 hours per day for optimum results, only taking them out for eating and brushing. Metal braces are great for those that lead busy lifestyles and want a predictable, reliable, and fuss-free teeth whitening solution. You’ll also generally see better results when it comes to extraction of teeth, crossbites, moderate to severe tooth crowding, and impacted teeth. Metal braces are also more affordable than ceramic, so they are preferred.


With braces constantly advancing, changing and evolving, it’s never been a better time to explore your options. 

Visiting The Dental Room will give you access to a highly experienced team. This means you will be given the guidance and advice you need to achieve the smile you’re looking for most efficiently and effectively! So, contact The Dental Room today to organise your consultation.