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18 February 2021

The ‘real’ smile makeover

In the past a smile makeover meant a Hollywood-style smile. But the natural look takes more skill and looks much better.

A smile makeover means redefining the way your smile looks and feels. We can do that by employing a variety of dental cosmetic treatments that are available to us. It can involve anything from simple teeth whitening to resin fillings to porcelain veneers.

The way people see beauty has changed. We used to think that big, white teeth were beautiful. It’s that Hollywood look—teeth that are thick, white and square. We call the look chicklet-style ‘fake looking’ veneers. But that look has fallen out of fashion, especially here in Australia.
Now we’re looking for something more real. No two smiles are ever the same. The dentist/ceramist team is critical to making this work. I (and my ceramist) obsess over mimicking nature with all my work.

My philosophy of a smile makeover

If you take a close look at all the smiles I have created, you realise they are all different. There is no cookie-cutter approach. A trained eye can see that each tooth—and each smile—is innately different.

The angles, the corners, the heights, the colour characteristics are all individualised. The effect is a true customised smile.
The technical term is ‘facially-driven smile design’. I design a smile by matching client desires with facial landmarks. This dictates teeth position and shapes.

Then my ceramist uses her artistic talent to hand-make the ceramics. These are precisely placed to create optimum flow to the client’s face. The precision helps enhance their facial beauty and youthfulness.

When it’s done well, people look at you and compliment you on your beautiful teeth. But they’re not sure if you have had something done to them.

The Dental Room difference

The fabrication process is critical to the style of the veneers. The way the veneer presents will differ depending on the ceramist and the way the veneer is made. Flat white veneers are very easy to make. Most of the flat white ones you see are also usually machine made. The skill set of the ceramist is not as critical for those veneers. Some clinics choose to do veneers this way as they can be mass produced and do not require skills on the part of the ceramist.

At The Dental Room, we are lucky to have our own master ceramist. She creates every one of our porcelain veneers. These veneers are all individually hand layered with porcelain powder. They are artistically created with inclusions that allow us to mimic nature at its best. Our master ceramist will blend at least five different shades of porcelain powder to create the final results. This creates a level of depth and internal characteristics that mimic natural teeth.

Are you considering a smile makeover that goes beyond a whitening treatment? If so, please do your research. Look for before and after photos of veneers on dental websites. See if you can spot the type of veneers each dentist is doing. That small bit of extra effort can be the difference between an unnatural Hollywood smile, and one that is unique to you.

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