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04 September 2017

Teeth-whitening techniques

Age, certain food types, oral medications and tobacco can all have an impact on the appearance of our teeth. Fortunately, thanks to the introduction of modern teeth-whitening techniques, none of the changes need be permanent.

Teeth-whitening through the ages

Teeth-whitening has become a popular topic in recent times. But there is ample evidence to suggest that interest in reducing the appearance of staining on our teeth has been around for quite some time.

Ancient Romans apparently used urine and goats milk to help keep their teeth whiter. While as far back as the early 1300s, French physicians were suggesting clients clean their teeth with a mixture of honey, burnt salt, and vinegar to help remove staining. By the late 1880s, peroxide was the go-to product for those seeking to improve the aesthetic of their pearly whites.

Zoom Teeth Whitening at The Dental Room

At The Dental Room, Balwyn North, we have three teeth-whitening options available, all of which operate under the Phillips Zoom system and each of which incorporates different strategies determined by the requirements of our clients.

The first is a take-home kit. This is a system that relies heavily on the input of the client to ensure its effectiveness. It usually involves your oral health specialist custom-making trays for your teeth to ensure a bespoke fit. The client applies a special gel into the trays. The client must then wear the trays for half an hour each day over a two-week period.

A before-and-after idea of what teeth whitening can achieve.

In-chair whitening

The next option is an in-chair whitening method. Clients who are unable or unwilling to take responsibility for wearing the trays find this option ideal.

It is a convenient alternative. The client sits in the chair while the oral health professional applies barriers to their gums. Next a concentrated whitening gel is applied under ultraviolet light. The application is reapplied every 15 minutes over the course of an hour, while the client lies in comfort enjoying watching Netflix or listening to the radio.

The combo pack

The third option is a combination of both methods. Clients complete the in-chair treatment. Then they also receive a take-home kit with instructions on how to use it. This has the benefit of allowing them to top up the whitening without needing to organise another visit to the surgery.

We conducted numerous investigations into the teeth-whitening products on the market. We selected the Zoom system as we believe it offers the most predictable outcomes with the least amount of sensitivity.

The safety of teeth-whitening treatments

This is important to note as the active ingredient in most teeth-whitening products is hydrogen peroxide. This is a chemical that has many negative connotations. Many people wrongly assume it is only associated with hair bleaching.

The truth of the matter is that teeth whitening occurs when the oxygen molecules bind with the stains within the enamel. That removes the stains, giving the appearance of whiter, brighter teeth.

It’s important to note the process presents no risk to the mouth or gums and doesn’t damage the enamel in any way.

Disclaimer: Results may vary between individuals. Any dental procedure carries risks and benefits. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified practitioner.

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