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We’re not just another dentist, and you’re not just another patient. You’re part of the family.

Luminous Dental Lab

Luminous Dental Lab is a complete-service, aesthetic-driven ceramic dental laboratory specialising in full-mouth reconstruction and combinations involving dental implants, crowns, bridges and veneers. Leading ceramist, Chloe Park, works closely with both the dentist and client to create the highest quality work on both a functional and aesthetic level, maintaining the high standards that are applied to every case received and its core work is evident in the beautiful ceramic work produced daily.

Chloe meets with you and ensures the right choice of colour, shape, direction and size for your restoration. You get an accurate match for your facial features, skin colour, personality and the rest of your teeth.

Chloe Park – Leading Ceramist

Chloe is the most recent generation in a long line of dental technicians, with both her father and grandfather being leading ceramists in South Korea. She grew up watching her family practice this art-form.

Chloe graduated from The University of Busan, South Korea in 2009. Soon after graduation, she accepted an offer from a leading dental lab in Melbourne and made the bold move from Korea.

After six years of industry experience, Chloe shared a similar vision with The Dental Room and started Luminous Dental Lab, her own dental venture.

Chloe specialises in full mouth reconstruction and combination cases involving dental implants, crowns, bridges, and veneers. Her goal is to give every client what they want. She has the gift of implementing her artistry in a way that blends perfectly with the aspirations of each patient.

“I customise each and every set of teeth so they specifically suit the individual I’m working with. I take facial features and personality into careful consideration to create the most natural smile possible,” Chloe says.

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”

Phyllis Diller

Unrivalled artistry

Chloe isn’t the dentist who simply inserts these perfect smiles: she is in essence an artisan who painstakingly creates each tooth by hand.

Chloe combines technical skill with the aesthetic sensibility of a dedicated artist. This passion sets her work apart from that of ordinary professionals, and the results exemplify the difference over mere functional improvement.

The skill involved in achieving a perfectly natural smile is the complete opposite of a dental restoration that is too white, too large or unnaturally even.

A perfect partnership

Ensuring balance between dental aesthetics and function is a collaborative effort between a clinician and a ceramist. Every client’s unique dental structure must be taken into account.

Dr. Shawn works with ceramist Chloe on every single case. They study chewing patterns, positioning and aesthetics and create a complete diagnosis, resulting in a rebuilt dental structure for each client. All our clients can see how their smile is being transformed behind the scenes. We encourage smile makeover clients to come in during the creation process to give Chloe input.

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