Family Dentistry & Dental Care

Family dentistry is the practice of looking after the oral health of every member of a family at every age. Children have very different dental needs to adults, and family dentistry requires a dentist to understand every stage of tooth development. From the baby stages, right through to their adult lives. 

There are so many benefits to the whole family visiting the same dental practice. Firstly, it gives the dentist an overview of any issues younger members of the family might inherit, as they will also be treating the older generation. It also allows us to advise the entire family on the best dental practices to keep the information consistent. Complete family dental care means that the whole family will be on the same page regarding oral hygiene. Plus, the whole family can come at the same time! 

In the past few years, there have been huge advances in family dentistry that have brought the practice forward. These include innovative ways to preserve healthy teeth, as well as replace damaged or missing ones. In order for you and your family to fully benefit from these advances, regular appointments are necessary. This habit can be made easier if you have a familiar relationship with your dentist, and if it is a routine instilled in children from a young age.  

This is why one of the key focuses of The Dental Room is family dentistry. We give each client a unique experience that helps to build a trusting relationship within their family dental care plan. Dr Shawn Rama and his team treat every member of the family as an individual, providing them with the attention and comfort they need to feel at ease. By making even the most nervous client feel at home, we aim to see them walking out of the door smiling, fully satisfied with their quality of service. 

The Goal of Family Dental Care

The Dental Room’s family dentistry practice addresses the dental wellbeing of clients of every age and life stage. We’re committed to offering a diverse list of services to meet a wide-ranging demand of oral health care needs including areas like general dentistry, aesthetic dentistry and the treatment of temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ) and sleep apnoea. Some of the services offered include:

Not only is Dr Shawn Rama dedicated to learning and adapting new dental care techniques, but he aims to provide a comfortable environment that sows the seed of a healthy relationship with the dentist in young children. Shawn and his staff believe that continuity of dental care is incredibly important to a client’s overall oral and mental health. 

The Dental Room family dental care practice offer the services needed to prevent problems from developing, especially in young children’s teeth and gums. At the same time, their use of general and aesthetic dentistry practices gives them the tools to transform any adult smile into one that you can be proud of!

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