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Comprehensive services designed to maintain your dental health and improve your well being.

Our approach

At The Dental Room we give every single one of our patients a personalised consultation, thorough treatment and a bespoke long-term care plan to ensure that your teeth and gums are kept as healthy as possible.

A comprehensive examination and evaluation of teeth are made so that issues can be identified early and more extensive damage avoided. A more conservative approach is employed whenever possible, providing services to suit people of all ages and helping you feel confident about your appearance and the health of your teeth.

Dentistry for the whole family

The Dental Room provides comprehensive dental services for the whole family. These services include thorough examination as well as deep cleaning and periodontal maintenance.

Our dental hygienist is on hand to effectively clean your teeth and examine you for signs of oral diseases such as gingivitis, and conduct other preventative care procedures, such as x-rays and fissure sealants.

This process will take approximately sixty minutes and won’t cost you more than a regular consultation.

” When a new day begins, dare to smile gratefully.”

Steve Maraboli

Children’s dentistry

It’s many years since tooth decay and children went hand in hand. At The Dental Room, we are most concerned with all aspects of preventive care, to set the foundation for your child’s lifetime of good oral health.

The Dental Room office is a blend of creative design and technology to ensure that your child receives the best dental care available, in a friendly and fun-filled environment.

Anxious children are comforted and guided through their visits by well-trained and experienced Dental Room staff. They truly care and make every child feel special.

Emergency treatment

It is our policy to fit in all emergency appointments on the day, no matter what. We will never leave anyone in pain or waiting weeks for an emergency appointment. If you’re experiencing severe pain or discomfort, give us a call immediately and we’ll make a time for you to come in as soon as possible.

Contact us immediately if you are experiencing serious dental concern.

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