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Smile & Teeth Makeover

The most important factor in making you happy with a smile makeover is to address the factors that matter most to you. Whether you want a smile that’s glamorous and flashy or something more natural-looking, The Dental Room takes an individual approach to your dental makeover.

A person’s teeth tend to yellow and grow dull over time. Age, wear, and consuming pigmented beverages like coffee and wine cause them to take on a yellow appearance. If your teeth are yellow but they have no damage, teeth whitening might be the perfect teeth makeover for you. Our laser whitening process gives you a whiter, brighter smile that makes you feel more confident and more like smiling.

More Extensive Treatment

For many of our clients, neglect, genetics, poor dental care, and lifestyle choices lead to cracked, broken, or even missing teeth. These clients require a wider range of dental services. We offer a variety of solutions to achieve the results you want from your smile makeover. We can apply ceramic veneers or porcelain crowns over crooked or broken teeth. We can replace badly damaged or missing teeth with dental implants. For misaligned teeth, an Invisalign dentist offers a discreet solution that is faster and more convenient than traditional braces.

The Dental Room is dedicated to giving you the smile that you have always dreamed of. We offer a broad range of dental services to correct anything about your teeth that you aren’t happy with.

Interested in giving your teeth a makeover? Contact The Dental Room and schedule an appointment for an evaluation. We’re dedicated to giving you a smile makeover that makes you feel like smiling!