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09 October 2017

Why we’re not a preferred dental provider

In the dental profession, the topic of dental health insurance and being a preferred dental provider is hotly debated. Our practice is not a preferred provider. And that’s a deliberate decision we’ve made for a number of reasons.

In this post, I’m going to break down exactly what that means, as well as what it doesn’t mean, because there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to this issue.

Our practice made a very deliberate decision to not be designated as a preferred provider.

Our primary objective as a practice has always been to provide the best quality dental care and treatment for our clients. We are not a volume practice. We are driven by quality, rather than quantity.

The corollary of this is that quality dental work comes at a cost. In order to become a preferred provider, health insurance funds will dictate to dental practices and clients how treatment needs to be provided and at what cost.

However, our experience shows us that the amount dictated for a procedure by health insurance funds means that a procedure either needs to be done in half the time, or that cheaper materials need to be used. In either case, the client suffers.

There is pressure from health insurance funds for us to become a preferred provider. However, we have resisted this over the years because we are not prepared to compromise quality.

Does it mean that you won’t accept my private health cover or that I won’t get a rebate?

No! You will still get a rebate. I know that some clients avoid using non-preferred providers. They mistakenly believe that they won’t get a rebate.

You can definitely use your health fund and you will get a rebate. It just means that it won’t be as big a rebate as you may receive at a preferred provider.

dental health insurance preferred providers

Do you have a HICAPS machine at the practice?

Yes, we do, which means that you can swipe your health insurance card and get the rebate on the spot.

If a practice is not a preferred provider, does it mean that they are not as good dentists as those designated preferred providers?

No, absolutely not! This is a very important question. A lot of people are under the misconception that ‘preferred provider’ means that a dental practice is better in some way.

It doesn’t mean that at all. It just means that we set our own prices, reflecting the true cost of quality materials and the time required to provide appropriate treatment.

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