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23 August 2021

Do you know your porcelain veneer ceramist?

We do research on the architects, developers and builders before buying or building houses. But when it comes to having veneers done, how much attention do you pay to the porcelain veneer ceramist?

Why is this important you ask?
Even if you had the best architect, an unskilled builder could wreck the outcome. If the builder doesn’t share the same vision as the architect, the vision goes unrealised and an unsatisfactory end result occurs. Rectifications can be stressful, inconvenient and time consuming.

In the same way, it is important to realise that the ceramist is critical to the success of the treatment outcome with your porcelain veneers. In the same way all builders are different, all ceramists have their own unique skill levels and style. In fact, if you gave the same prep and instructions to 10 ceramists, you would get 10 different veneers back. Creating veneers is an abstract art.

And you might think that the cosmetic dentist should make sure that he works with a specific ceramist, but this is often not true. The jobs are often sent to a large lab where a random technician who has capacity at that moment usually takes on the job of making the veneers. So, the resulting style of the veneer that comes back will be highly variable depending on the technician.

Master in-house porcelain veneer ceramist Ms Chloe Park

The need for a predictable style of veneers and the highest degree of customisation for every client led me on a quest to find our own ceramist. Today, unlike the majority of practices, we have our own in-house state-of-the-art ceramics lab headed by master ceramist Ms Chloe Park. Unlike traditional labs where work is done for multiple dentists, Chloe works solely for the clients at The Dental Room.

I chose to work with Chloe because we shared the same vision. We both want to create natural smiles that are indistinguishable from real teeth. The clients who come to us want a naturally aesthetic smile. I know that I will be able to deliver this style of veneers every single time as I know what my ceramist can produce. This is what she does day in, day out. There develops a trust between client, me and my ceramist, ending in a predictable result.

In-house lab

Chloe sits in on planning sessions with clients. That lets them see first-hand the ‘before’ and learn about the desired ‘after’. She also attends the veneer preparation and insert appointments.

Having her under the same roof allows a tremendous amount of oversight in the customisation process. It significantly reduces turnaround times and allows unprecedented access between ceramists and clients. That lets me provide an unsurpassed level of quality, customisation and convenience.

At the veneer insert appointment is where many of our clients realise the importance of having an in-house ceramist. Upon trialling your veneers, we are able to further customise colour, shapes and attend to any of your desires instantly.

So when you’re choosing a cosmetic dentist to do your porcelain veneers, do your research. Look closely at the work they have done before. Pay attention to each dentist’s style of veneers. Ask the dentist about the ceramist who produces them.

The end result of proper research will be a smile you’re proud of.

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