Our Veneers Process

The making of a smile.

What sets us apart is the environment we create around delivering your best possible naturally inspired smile. From unprecedented access to leading cosmetic dentist Dr Shawn Rama and in-house ceramist Ms Chloe Park to the exquisite attention you receive at each step, the care, quality and level of customisation we offer our clients is truly one-of a-kind.

1 | Cosmetic consultation

Your smile journey starts here. At this initial consultation, Dr Shawn and his ceramist Ms Chloe Park will meet with you to discuss your current concerns, desired outcomes, examine your smile, provide recommendations and educate on various treatment options. An estimate of costs for treatment will also be provided.

2 | Records and smile design

This planning stage of the veneer process is critical to success. Dr Shawn and his ceramist will use 3D scans, moulds, high resolution facial photography and radiographs to study and create your improved smile using facial aesthetic principles. On your next appointment we will show you our recommendations. In some cases we use Digital Smile Design applications to digitally show you what your new smile could look like. These design principles are then carried through into your trial smile.

3 | Veneer preparation with trial smile

This is typically a half day appointment. Dr Shawn prepares your teeth by shaping them slightly. Moulds are taken and temporary veneers are fitted. The temporary smile also called a trial smile allows clients to test drive their new, improved smile for a week. For your comfort, this process is done under local anaesthetic and is painless.

4 | Ceramist consultation

We encourage all our clients to return two days later to provide feedback on the look of their temporary veneers. At this point, there is opportunity to refine the shapes, lengths and other characteristics to your liking. Adjustments will then be made to the temporary veneers, a copy is taken and Ceramist Ms Chloe Park uses this as a guide in creating the final veneers.

5 | Veneer bonding

This is a very exciting half-day appointment where you will leave with your new smile. First, your temporary veneers are removed. We then check your porcelain veneers for accurate fit and you get an opportunity to review your new smile. With a ceramist onsite, we have the unique ability to make any more modifications to fit, shape, translucency and colour immediately to ensure the highest level of health, customisation and satisfaction. Finally, the veneers are permanently bonded. For your comfort, this process is also done under local anaesthetic and is painless.

6 | Review

During this review appointment, Dr Shawn applies any finishing touches to the client’s new smile. It occurs one to two weeks after your veneers are fitted. A nocturnal splint (nightguard) will also be fitted to increase the longevity of your new smile.

7 | 6-month follow up appointment

Veneers, if treated properly, should look and feel great for up to 15 years after their placement. Most clients forget they have them after a month or so because facial muscles adapt to the new teeth and make them look more natural than the day they were put in. We strongly recommend clients see us 6 monthly for preventive treatments to maintain the health of their veneers.

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