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03 December 2017

Make your oral health a priority in 3 easy steps

I see a lot of clients who are very busy with their careers and families. They often think that they don’t have the time to address their oral health beyond the usual checkups and emergencies that might crop up, like a filling or crown coming loose.

But if we address symptoms in our 50s, we can save ourselves a lot of time, pain and even money in the long run.

Get on top of oral health symptoms early

Symptoms such as dry mouth can be caused by common medications and even menopause and can lead to serious gum disease and tooth decay.

If it’s addressed early through saliva substitutes this may prevent the need for some very intense dental treatments at a later stage. It can be as easy as one follow-up treatment to get on top of issues like this.

Share with your dentist

As we get a bit older health issues can crop up. It’s important that clients share what’s going on in their general health with their dentist as certain conditions, such as arthritis, can have an impact on your oral health.

It’s a good habit to get into to book your medical checks close together so information is top of mind. When you go see your GP for your annual medical, book a dental appointment as soon as you get your test results back so you can take all the information to your dentist.

I’ve seen a lot of clients who have been able to go down the path of a more conservative dental treatment plan because we’ve been across their general health and picked things up early. It can mean the difference between extraction or managing the issue through another treatment like root canal.

Make you a priority

At this time of our lives, we can too easily put ourselves at the bottom of the list and dismiss any cosmetic dental concerns we might have as frivolous. But we know deep down that taking care of ourselves is going to set us up for a happy and healthy retirement.

Cosmetic dentistry has nothing to do with vanity. Just like going to the gym or eating healthy meals is about investing in our long-term health, so too is protecting our teeth and improving our oral health through straightening treatments like Invisalign or veneers and crowns.

These treatments not only help our teeth do a better job of chewing. They can also prevent wear from grinding and jaw clenching and protect and preserve our existing teeth. That lessens the potential for extraction and dentures later. The added bonus of these treatments is that they also make subtle and natural improvements to people’s smiles, which is a great way to build confidence as we age.

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