Invisalign® Payment Plan Now Available

The journey towards a perfect smile has historically been a time consuming one with multiple procedures involved. However, things are slowly but steadily moving towards a brighter future. At least for your teeth.

Technology within the cosmetic industry is advancing at a rapid pace and into a variety of new areas, reaching new heights every single day. One of the industries reaping great benefits from these advancements is the dental industry. With one product shining bright thanks to the customer satisfaction and the effective results it’s proven to deliver. So what is this product that we’re talking about? Invisalign®, of course.

Over recent years, Invisalign® has gained a great amount of traction around the globe, with a number of well-known users such as Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise, Katherine Heigl, Eva Longoria, Serena Williams, Justin Bieber, and Khloe Kardashian.

Invisalign® is currently offered in 45 countries and is treating more than 7 million people and counting. It’s safe to say that it has taken teeth straightening to another level.

Choosing the right Invisalign® provider

Upon making the decision of reaping some of the benefits for yourself, the next crucial step will be to choose the right Invisalign® provider. And even though the technology behind this teeth revolution has proved its value, it’s equally important that you find the right operator.

For many Australian clients, the natural choice has been the renowned dental industry leader and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Shawn Rama and the team at The Dental Room.

After receiving the award Platinum Status by Invisalign in 2019, our Melbourne based practice, The Dental Room, has continued to lead the way when it comes to cosmetic treatment including Invisalign® treatment.

Choosing the right Invisalign® payment plans

Choosing the right payment plan isn’t always as straightforward as one might think. Given that one of the more common questions asked is ‘how much does Invisalign® cost‘, we thought we’d ask. Here’s what the aforementioned industry expert has shared in regards to finding the right payment plan for you:

“No two mouths are the same and the number of aligners required will be different; so the Invisalign® cost will vary from person to person. However I believe in keeping things simple and provide complete packages to my client with no hidden surprises mid or at the end of treatment” says Dr Rama.

“The difference between the various packages is essentially the number of aligners that are required to correct your teeth. If your teeth are more crowded, you will most likely require more aligners and a longer treatment period. In this case, the Moderate or Comprehensive Plans would be recommended whilst the Express Plan is used for very minor corrections.”

Disclaimer: Results may vary between individuals. Any dental procedure carries risks and benefits. 

Invisalign® payment options

In all health related cases, affordability is an important consideration when you’re looking to make a change in your life. Something worthwhile looking into, are the Invisalign® payment plan options that are best suited to your financial situation. For example, at The Dental Room, they offer you a choice of payment options including interest-free payment plans.

An initial consultation is offered, followed by a discussion about your treatment plan, with an upfront deposit required should you decide to proceed with the treatment.

The process, shared by Dr. Shawn Rama, may be structured as follows:

“An initial deposit of $2,000. The difference between your package price and the initial deposit of $2,000 can then be paid in equal instalments over the course of your treatment. This pay as you go option is what most clients at our clinic use.” says Dr Shawn.

“Some choose to pay the entire cost of treatment upfront, which attracts a further 5% discount off the package price, while others choose to have a longer payment plan set up with our third party partner, ZipMoney.”

“Private health insurance rebates may also apply to your Invisalign® treatment. It is best to check with your private health insurance provider to confirm whether or not you are entitled to any rebates towards your treatment.”

The verdict

Exploring the various alternatives to braces that are on offer, it’s clear that the world of teeth straightening solutions has come along way. Today, there’s a variety of options on offer to ensure you achieve the smile that you’re looking for.

As a Platinum Invisalign® provider (2019), and founded by the leading cosmetic dentist, Dr Shawn Rama, it’s safe to say that at The Dental Room, you’re in great company. Be sure to take advantage of our dentists’ expertise with an Invisalign® appointment. This initial consultation will involve a 3D scan of your teeth and a preview of what your teeth will look like after the treatment.

So, if you’re looking for a highly experienced, qualified and professional team, then the Dental Room has you covered. Whether you’re seeking guidance from an expert or you’re in need of personalised advice on achieving the smile that you’re looking for, be sure to get in touch. The Dental Room will be able to organise your consultation so that you can move toward achieving your dream smile in the most effective and efficient way possible!