Invisalign® Orthodontist – How To Know When You Need One?

If you’re considering Invisalign® as a way to straighten your teeth, then you might be wondering if you need to see an orthodontist. There is often a misconception that orthodontists are required for all treatments associated with aligning teeth correctly. In this article, we will cover all of your questions regarding an Invisalign® orthodontist and whether one is needed or not.

What does an Orthodontist & Dentist do?

An Orthodontist is a dental specialist specialising in the treatment of dental alignment issues. While a dentist will finish up their studies with a general dentist degree, orthodontists take up another three years of further study in orthodontics. They only practice within the orthodontic field and do not perform other types of dentistry.

A dentist on the other hand performs a broad range of dental treatments. In addition, those dentists who also wish to provide orthodontic treatment can undergo further training to be able to do so.

Both dentists and orthodontists must attend a comprehensive training course and be accredited by Invisalign® in order to provide Invisalign® treatment. Once completed, they are officially ready to begin offering Invisalign alongside their existing treatments.

When will you need to see an Orthodontist?

When you visit us for your Invisalign consultation, we are able to examine your specific requirements and advise you where your treatment should be best provided. We can either provide the treatment in-house or if an orthodontist is required, we can provide you with a referral.

The orthodontists that we collaborate with are brilliant at what they do and aren’t called specialists without reason! There are some orthodontic treatments that are considered complex and are best handled by an orthodontist.

Are the treatment costs different?

Due to their additional qualifications, orthodontists do mostly charge more than most dentists. However, the additional costs may be well worth it if your case is slightly more complicated.

Even between dentists, prices vary. It is important that you understand the various price structures adopted by the individual practices so you are clear on what is included in the Invisalign® packages.

Can The Dental Room do Invisalign® for me?

The Dental Room are a Platinum Invisalign® provider with plenty of experience handling Invisalign® cases. We are extremely passionate about what we do, which is to help our clients achieve that smile they have been dreaming for. So if you’re curious about what Invisalign® is and whether it’s for you, give us a call.

Dr Shawn Rama is an accredited Invisalign® provider with 20 years of dental experience and is highly regarded as an aesthetic dentist, both locally and internationally. He can help you determine whether Invisalign® is the right course of treatment for you following an Invisalign® consultation*.

Working in the aesthetic realm, he is able to work out how to get your desired outcome seamlessly.

We have all of the required technology for Invisalign® treatments right here at our practice, including x-ray and a 3D Scanner.

To determine the costs and whether Invisalign® is the appropriate treatment for your teeth, we encourage you to book an appointment with us.

Invisalign® is an excellent choice for many people wanting to improve their smiles. Rather than deciding for yourself what the best path is for your teeth, book an appointment with us to get professional advice tailored to your needs.