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In-chair teeth whitening vs alternatives

These days, if you have the problem, social media will usually claim to have the solution. The latest of these is charcoal toothpaste as a cheap, natural alternative to in-chair teeth whitening with your dentist.

The claim is that it will whiten your teeth, but it’s worth considering what problems can it introduce. Charcoal toothpaste can be quite abrasive on the teeth, wearing away tooth enamel and causing sensitivity issues and gum recession.

Other products you might encounter on the Internet include self-bleaching kits supplying a tray that you apply yourself. These kits have been around for a long time, and they still seem to attract people looking for what they think is a cheap, quick fix. They’ve got very low concentrations of peroxide in them and they do work for a day or two and then they lose effectiveness.

Even knowing all of that, perhaps the most important consideration is with cheap or alternative whitening methods, you’re putting something into your mouth when you don’t know the condition of your mouth and teeth. You’re not an expert, and social media is not the best place to search for health-related advice or products. In short, it’s not a very wise move.

Teeth whitening your dentist can offer

With professional teeth whitening at your dentist, there are three different types of whitening packages we provide. One is the take-home teeth whitening kit, which is a system with the right amount of whitening agent in it.

This is different to the whitening toothpastes you would find on a supermarket shelf—those are also quite abrasive on the teeth and the concentration of peroxide is minimal, which is what allows them to be sold in a supermarket. It takes a long time for you to get noticeable results and you may ruin your teeth in the process.

These products rub away the stains on the surface of the tooth, and in so doing they’re causing the enamel to wear. In the meantime, the coffee, red wine and other pleasures of daily life are probably cancelling out the results anyway.

The teeth whitening process

When you get your teeth whitened professionally, we can provide products that have a higher amount of peroxide in them so the results are a lot more visible, but at the same time they are very safe, because they use a chemical process rather than an abrasive mechanical action. It helps to have trained, professional people on hand who know what they’re doing.

The health of your teeth is a precious, and shouldn’t be entrusted to cheap products or unqualified people. Dental professionals can conduct teeth whitening in an environment where your specific requirements are considered—and where you can be certain the condition of your teeth will be preserved in the pursuit of that perfect smile.

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