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09 December 2018

How white is too white?

Can your teeth be too white?

White, perfectly straight teeth are the gold standard – except when they don’t look like they belong to you. In the world of dentistry there are many shades of white – and ‘toilet bowl’ white is not for everyone.

When it comes to aesthetic dentistry, it can be possible to have too much of a good thing. I’ve done plenty of veneers and crowns throughout my career, with many clients requesting whiter-than-white hues. While each to their own, blinding white teeth is not a look I’d suggest. In fact, finding a client’s perfect shade of white is a process that requires plenty of thought and planning.

Understanding aesthetics vs cosmetics

There is a clear difference between aesthetics and cosmetics. My focus is on the aesthetic, a word that derives from Greek and refers to the feeling and perception of nature and organic formations, as opposed to artificial connotations that stem from anything ‘cosmetic’. Aesthetic is what I’m truly passionate about – using what you already have as a base for enhancement, thus creating a transformation that is seamless yet noticeable (for all the right reasons!).

Factors that impact the whiteness your teeth

If you think finding your ideal shade of white isn’t easy, you’d be right (hey, lucky I’m a professional, right?). There are so many factors that need to be taken into consideration, including:

  • Age
  • Skin colour
  • Personality and style – for example, a confident person with a bold and daring wardrobe could get away with a brighter white set of veneers
  • Eye colour
  • Other surrounding teeth – if you opt for veneers for the upper teeth and not the lower teeth, they’ve got to look like they are all part of the same mouth!
  • Lip fillers – lip fillers can cast a shadow on the teeth
  • Inspirational photos
  • Old photos – because if you’re going to post any #throwback pictures on social media, people still need to recognise you!
  • Profession

A trial smile

The lab component of the veneers process is critical. We’re unique in that we employ a team approach to this stage.

Our in-house ceramist Chloe is part of a client’s consultation, during which the desired shade of white is agreed upon. After our incredible ceramist team works their magic, we actually trial veneers or crowns on the client before a final fit. Ending up with an inappropriate shade of white is often due to this stage of the process, so a trial fit is vital to see how your veneers look. If any colour correcting is needed, our in-house team turns it around in record time.

It’s a health consideration, too!

Creating the perfect veneers for our clients is also about improving overall oral health and function. Aesthetics and health are simultaneously worked on throughout the process. Ensuring the entire dentition and the surrounding gums are healthy is an integral part of the whole treatment and contributes to the optimal result.

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