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17 May 2021

How to fix a gummy smile

Showing a little bit of gum when you smile is normal and healthy. Nonetheless, when the balance between the gums and teeth is skewed, it creates visual disturbances to the overall face appearance. We see many who get very self-conscious about having a gummy smile, and want to do something about it.

Visually the ideal aesthetically pleasing smile is the right proportion of the white and pink components of the smile. Although we feel there are variations to this rule, the universally accepted balance among us cosmetic dentists is 85% white to 15% pink. The white, of course, is your teeth. The pink is your gums. As the ratio of pink increases, the extent of the gummy smile is increased and treatment options differ.

Reasons for a gummy smile

There are a number of reasons you can have a gummy smile. Here are some of these reasons:

  • Skeletal: Excess underlying jaw bone, which may just be the way your upper jaw (maxillae) developed;
  • Lip: You may have an upper lip that retracts, or lifts, a lot when you smile;
  • Teeth: It may be because your teeth are small in proportion to the amount of gum you show when you smile; or
  • Parafunction: Where your teeth have worn down.

During the consultation with our dentists, we will be able to investigate the reasons for your gummy smile and advice on treatment options.

How do you recontour gums?

There are various ways to lift the gums up. One would be the traditional method where the dentist uses a scalpel to cut the gums using their own sense of what looks right as a guide. The dentist would numb the client using a local anaesthetic, and while the end result would be a nice smile, there were some downsides. It was possible for the client to bleed quite a bit, for example, and healing might take anywhere between a few days and a week. That’s why we’re no longer using this method.

At The Dental Room, our cosmetic dentists and ceramists first plan where the final gum position needs to be. A CAD CAM gum guide is then manufactured. Under the guidance of the gum guide, a specialised laser or electro cauterisation method is used. These can precisely lift your gums up very gently and healing is actually instantaneous because there’s no bleeding and there’s no scarring. This procedure is usually completed within 10 minutes under local anaesthesia. You might get some slight discomfort towards the end, but it’s definitely nowhere near that caused by the traditional method.

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