Porcelain Veneers Gallery.

Planning to get that smile you’ve always dreamt of with porcelain veneers is a very exciting time. At The Dental Room, we believe in facially-driven smile design to create subtle differences to help enhance your overall appearance, while maintaining both the health and appearance of your smile for years to come. Together with our in-house ceramist Ms Chloe Park, Dr Shawn is changing the way porcelain veneers are delivered and are creating smiles that are natural and timeless. And the result? See for yourself with these porcelain veneers before and after pictures.


Invisalign Gallery.

Invisalign® has become a real game changer when it comes to straightening teeth. With its innovative and revolutionary technology, it has become a significant alternative to traditional metal braces.To help give you an idea on what to expect with Invisalign®, and to see some of our ® results, we have taken some before and after photos of some of our clients that we’ve treated. From these before and after photos, you will not only see the complexity of each case, but also the pleasing results for each client. If you would like to see if Invisalign® is right for you, schedule your complimentary consultation with us today.


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