Fixed on 4® Treatment in Melbourne

Missing teeth and looking for a dental clinic in Melbourne? The Dental Room uses world-class innovation to create fixed on 4 implants worth smiling about.

Fixed on 4 Treatment in Melbourne

If you have gum/bone loss which has resulted in lost or loose teeth, or you are currently wanting to upgrade your denture to a more robust option, you might be looking for a dental clinic in Melbourne that can help you with your dental implant solution. First, however, it’s vital to research top leaders in dental innovation to ensure you leave the clinic with minimum stress and the smile you’ve always wanted. Dr Shawn Rama and The Dental Room in Balwyn North, Melbourne, routinely perform dental implants, particularly Fixed-on-Four or more implant rehabilitation solutions;Read on to learn more about Fixed on 4®, including how it compares to other procedures, the process involved, and what you can look forward to once the implants are in place.

What are Fixed on 4 Dental Implants?

Fixed on 4 is a dental implant technique where the upper or lower set of teeth are replaced with just four (and up to 6) implants. These implants support a full set of 10 to 14 teeth using a bridge offered in a variety of materials to suit your lifestyle and budget. It is the gold standard in teeth replacement options and can last a lifetime. Once placed, your replacement teeth will look, feel, and chew similar to your natural teeth. Unlike removable dentures, fixed on 4 dental implants are a permanent solution for a healthier smile for life. You don’t need to remove them for cleaning, and you can still eat your favourite foods. You can brush the implants as you would with your regular teeth, chew food with them, and speak confidently. Fixed on 4 implants are a permanent option that can last a lifetime when taken care of with a normal hygiene routine.

Who should consider Fixed on 4 Implants?

Clients most suited to fixed on 4 Implants include those with badly decayed or broken down teeth or teeth severely damaged from gum disease. Perhaps you lack bone density to support a high number of dental implants. Alternatively, you may be ineligible for dental implants due to osteoporosis, diabetes, or other health conditions. In any of these cases, Fixed on 4 implants may be the answer you’ve been looking for. This type of implant is very appealing in many ways! Unlike dental implants, you won’t need to endure expensive and time-consuming bone-grafting surgery before your Fixed-on-Four treatment – this is a huge relief to our clients. Fixed-on-Four implants wouldn’t be the treatment for you if you only need a single tooth or have many of your remaining teeth in place. Options more suited in this case would be a partial denture, single dental implant, or a dental bridge. Many people choose to replace their dentures with implants. We know our Melbourne clients with Fixed on 4 implants feel more secure and have greater freedom with their daily activities than dentures that need to be removed and cleaned every day. In addition, there are no restrictions when it comes to getting a dental implant. As long as you’re healthy enough for an oral procedure and have healthy gum tissue and adequate bone structure to support the implant, you’re good to go. Not yet convinced? Check out the below before and after images – you’ll see why we have delighted clients! For more information on Fixed-on-Four, see here.

How much do Fixed on 4 Implants cost?

The cost of our Fixed on 4 implant prosthesis can vary depending on each individual’s needs. These include the type of bridge material, the complexity of each case, and the extent of the procedure. At The Dental Room, we provide a whole range of options when it comes to Fixed on 4 or more implant systems to suit different lifestyles and budgets, including acrylic teeth, porcelain or zirconia bridges. In Australia, Fixed on 4 implants typically cost between $23,000 to $27,000 per arch. That’s because Fixed on 4 dental implants are a lifelong investment. It is therefore important to choose the right dentist that can provide the crème de la crème in quality care and assurance. Otherwise, you may need to dig deeper in your pockets for further costly treatments after finding yourself with poorly-placed implants. To learn more about how Fixed on 4 implants can help improve your smile and the costs involved, please call us on (03) 9857 3988 to book a smile assessment with Dr Shawn. A $170 pre-payment is required to secure the appointment. We also offer payment plan options through Zip, so it’s kinder on your wallet.

What is the Fixed on 4 procedure in Melbourne?

Dr Shawn Rama and The Dental Room in Melbourne is a one-stop shop for Fixed-on-Four or more implant procedures. We utilise the latest in implant materials and technology in-house to create a very streamlined one-stop solution for all his clients requiring dental implant procedures. There are three key steps in our Fixed on 4 implant procedure, as outlined below:

    1. Implant consultation and planning. The key to long term implant success is in the planning. We utilise the latest in-house 3D scanning software to first assess the bone in terms of volume and quality for implant placement. Various treatment plan options and costs will be discussed with you after the detailed evaluation.
    2. Implant 3D-guided keyhole surgery and temporary teeth placement. The placement of the dental implant is typically a one-hour appointment and is done using a gentle keyhole method under local anesthesia. Traditionally dental implant surgery involved having to raise gum flaps to gain access to the underlying jawbone in order to place the implant. Dr Shawn’s ability to do the entire process in a keyhole manner means that the process is quicker and, very importantly, gentler and equates to less postoperative tenderness and quicker healing times. 3D-guided surgery. This scan of your jaw is then transformed into a 3D printed guide which is then locked into place in your mouth to use as a location map for your new dental implants. The margin for error is reduced when we plan out the precise positions in advance. Once the implants are secured, temporary acrylic teeth are placed while the area heals.
    3. Final teeth placement. This step typically occurs three months after the implant surgery – to allow optimal time for the integration of the implant to the bone – a process called osseointegration. At this appointment, a scan of your dental implant is taken for our in house ceramist Chloe to customise a crown to be placed over the implant. We offer the best porcelain and Zirconia options available for clients to choose from – resulting in a highly natural result.
    4. The Melbourne-based clinic’s in-house radiology and laboratory service mean all decisions and conversations are happening under one roof, keeping everyone on the same page and providing quality care from start to finish.

Dr Shawn Rama and The Dental Room is one of the only Melbourne dental clinics at the forefront of innovation and science, delivering best-in-class service using the future of dental technology.

What can you expect with Fixed on 4 Melbourne?

Based on what our Melbourne clients tell us, once you’ve been fitted with Fixed-on-Four implants by Dr Shawn and the team at our Balwyn North clinic, you can look forward to feeling confident with your new smile and assured in the fit, natural look and feel of your Fixed-on-Four implants. Just knowing that you can give a celebratory speech in front of guests, or eat your favourite foods without dentures falling out, will make a world of difference.

Why The Dental Room?

Dr Shawn Rama Dr Shawn Rama has over 20 years of experience in the dental industry. His unrivalled passion for the latest developments in dental technology, combined with his mission to create a space for clients outside of the usual clinical experience, means that your experience will be first-class, right from the very first smile consultation. The Dental Room in Victoria has a close-knit team that provides ultimate comfort, wellbeing, and exceptional results for their clients. Master ceramist For Fixed-on-Four, not only will you experience start to finish under the one roof, you will have access to our master ceramist Ms Chloe Park. Not to mention, you’ll reap the benefits of our state-of-the-art technology, which allows us to be exceptionally precise, fit the arch and implant simultaneously, and reduce recovery time. Competitive pricing and interest-free payments plans Pricing at The Dental Room is highly competitive with other clinics in the field, particularly when you consider the assured, high-end service provided by Dr Shawn and the team. In addition, investing in Fixed-on-Four in Melbourne will set you up for life as they are permanent. If you’re unable to pay upfront, we offer interest-free payment plans for eligible clients through Zip. If you are considering investing in your smile, speak to one of our team members, who can guide you through the payment plan options available. — Contact us on (03) 9857 3988 or book an appointment with us online here. *A $170 pre-payment is required to secure this appointment with Dr Shawn Rama.