Fixed on 4 Dental Implants

The Dental Room offers world-class innovation and a knowledgeable team to deliver Fixed on 4 dental implants that are the perfect solution to those with missing teeth and gum or bone loss.

What is the Fixed on 4 treatment?

You may be missing teeth due to gum/bone loss, periodontal disease, or have suffered a sports injury. No matter the reason, we’re here to help you make a change.

At The Dental Room, we understand that missing teeth can affect many aspects of your life. From avoiding your favourite food to covering your mouth when you want to laugh out loud, the list goes on! Not to mention over time, with missing teeth, there is the chance of deterioration of the jaw bone leading to sunken cheeks and an older appearance. Of course, none of these factors is enjoyable for anyone, right?! Luckily, we can help.

Today, the Fixed on 4 dental implants technique is widely acknowledged as the superior treatment option for full-arch teeth replacement. It is an excellent option for clients with periodontal or bone issues, as an entire set of teeth are supported by just four to six implants (rather than eight, which can be the case with traditional implants). In addition, the Fixed on 4 procedure is quick and minimally invasive and produces consistently outstanding results.

Unlike dentures and other procedures, you won’t need to remove your Fixed on 4 implants for cleaning, you can enjoy the foods you love, and to the untrained eye, they look no different to your natural teeth!

How do Fixed on 4 dental implants work?

Fixed on 4 Dental implants are made from titanium metal and act as a foundation for the easy placement of fixed teeth. The implants are placed into the anterior maxilla, a region of the jaw with higher bone density. This means the implants can be angled at up to 45 degrees towards the rear of the mouth, which increases support and can help overcome some bone deficiencies. For cases with virtually no bone, this will avoid the need for any complex bone-grafting procedures.

Compared to other tooth replacement procedures, the Fixed on 4 procedure is quicker, much less invasive, and has a relatively short healing process. In addition, since fewer implant fixtures are used, there is more flexibility to design and fit the optimum replacement teeth. If looked after well with careful brushing twice per day and regular checkups, Fixed on 4 dental implants can last 20 years.

What is the Fixed on 4 procedure?

Here at The Dental Room, we use the latest technology and our very own in-house ceramic lab to create a one-stop solution for our clients requiring Fixed on 4 procedures. There are three stages in our Fixed on 4 procedure, as listed below:

Fixed on 4 consultation and planning

The planning phase is integral for long-term Fixed on 4 dental implant success. We utilise the latest in-house 3D scanning technology to assess the bone volume and quality for implant placement. This initial consultation will discuss the suitable treatment options and costs associated with a detailed evaluation of your mouth. You will also have the opportunity to have all your questions answered before the procedure.

Implant 3D-guided keyhole surgery

The placement of the Fixed on 4 dental implants is typically a one-hour appointment and is done using a gentle keyhole method under local anesthesia.

Traditionally implant surgery involved raising gum flaps to gain access to the underlying jawbone to place the implant. Dr Shawn’s ability to do the entire process in a keyhole manner means that the process is quicker and, very importantly, gentler and equates to less postoperative tenderness and faster healing times.

A scan of your jaw will be taken and transformed into a 3D-printed guide that is locked into your mouth to use as a location map for your new Fixed on 4 Dental implants. The margin for error is reduced when we plan out the precise positions in advance- a technology that is not available at every dental clinic.

Permanent replacement teeth

With Fixed on 4 dental implants, you can receive your implants and your brand new set of permanent replacement teeth in 24 hours, not the 3-4 months that conventional implants often take.

All of your appointments will be performed under one roof from the initial planning to completion, as we have the in-house technology and resources built to ensure your experience is as thorough and seamless as possible. In addition, our in-house ceramist Ms Chloe Park carefully handcrafts each implant to ensure your new smile is uniquely created for you. So much care and precision go into this process, and our clients can benefit significantly from having Chloe in-house.

How much does Fixed on 4 cost?

The cost of Fixed on X dental implants at The Dental Room can vary depending on each individual’s needs, the complexity of each case, and the extent of the procedure.

To learn more about how Fixed on 4 can help improve your smile and the costs involved, please call us on (03) 9857 3988 to book a smile assessment with Dr Shawn. A $170 pre-payment is required to secure the appointment. ZipMoney Interest-free payment plans are available for eligible clients.

Benefits of Fixed on 4 compared to other treatments

So, you’ve heard all about Fixed on 4 implants, and they seem like a great solution. Here’s a low down on alternative options and how they fare against Fixed on 4 implants so you can make your decision.

Conventional dental implants A

full arch rehabilitation requires 6-8 implants to support a full-fixed bridge for a conventional dental implant procedure. Conversely, Fixed on 4 dental implants need just two implants positioned at the front of the mouth, and two angled implants placed at the back – that’s just four implants required to support the entire arch.

A conventional full-arch teeth replacement becomes tricky when screwing the posterior implants into areas of reduced bone density. With Fixed on 4 dental implants, the 45° angulated implant allows bone-deficient jaw regions to be avoided. Therefore Fixed on 4 dental implants provide the highest success rate vs. conventional dental implants.

In addition, with this procedure being less invasive, the healing and rehabilitation process is considerably shorter, and there is more flexibility to design and fit the optimum replacement teeth.


Dentures are prosthetic devices supported by the surrounding tissues of the space left by your missing teeth. They are a more cost-effective alternative to Fixed on 4 implants but have largely fallen out of favour due to the issues around retention. Even the best-made dentures can often feel loose, which makes eating certain types of food tricky.

With Fixed on 4 implants, you’ll have the confidence knowing they won’t slip around in your mouth and no foods are barred at your favourite Melbourne cafés – phew! Instead, you can brush, chew, speak as you would normally. And to the untrained eye, they look no different to your natural teeth. Sounds almost too good to be true!

Who should consider this treatment?

Clients that have lost teeth due to a sports injury, gum disease, or decay are often good candidates for Fixed on 4 treatment. In addition, Fixed on 4 can be performed on clients that are not suitable for dental implants due to osteoporosis, diabetes, or other health conditions.

Those that lack the bone density to support many types of dental implants are also the ideal candidates for Fixed on 4. Unlike dental implants, clients do not need to undergo time-consuming and expensive bone grafting surgery before an Fixed on 4 procedure. If you only have a single missing tooth, this may not be the best treatment for you. Many alternatives are offered at The Dental Room, including a dental bridge, dental implants, or a partial denture.

Why consider The Dental Room?

Dr Shawn Rama Dr Shawn Rama has 20 years of experience in the dental industry. His unrivalled passion for the latest developments in dental technology, combined with his mission to create a space for clients outside of the usual clinical experience, means that your experience will be first-class, right from the very first smile consultation. The Dental Room clinic has a close-knit team that provides ultimate comfort, wellbeing, and exceptional results for its clients.

“Here at The Dental Room, we understand the needs of clients with missing teeth. Making that first step towards replacement teeth can be a very daunting experience. And that’s why each client is looked after with the ultimate care and first-class service – right from the moment they walk into our clinic. Our technology is ahead of the curve, ensuring minimal discomfort and healing time. Our in-house ceramist, Ms Chloe Park, is involved every step of the way so that clients receive a tailored outcome that is perfect for them.” – Says Dr Shawn.

Master in-house ceramist

If you opt for Fixed on 4, not only will you experience the treatment from start to finish under the one roof, you will also be looked after by our master in-house ceramist Ms Chloe Park. In addition, you will enjoy the benefits of our state-of-the-art technology, which allows us to be exceptionally precise, fit the arch and implant simultaneously, and reduce recovery time.

Competitive pricing and interest-free payments plans

Pricing at The Dental Room is highly competitive with other clinics in the field, particularly when you consider the assured, high-end service provided by Dr Shawn and the team. In addition, investing in Fixed on 4 dental implants is long-term.

We offer interest-free payment plans for eligible clients through Zip. If you are considering investing in your smile with dental implants or Fixed on 4, speak to one of our team members, who can guide you through the payment plan options available.

Contact us on (03) 9857 3988 or book an appointment with us online here.

*A $170 pre-payment is required to secure an initial consultation with Dr Shawn Rama.