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25 March 2018

Dental health tips to get you prepared for your holidays

Pre-Travel Dental Care

The Dental Room’s own travelling dentist, Dr Shawn, suggests that our wandering tribe make sure everything is in order well before departure date. “If you aren’t already getting regular check-ups, then you need to go see your dentist at least two months before you plan to leave,” says Shawn, “that way you give your dentist enough time to rectify any issues and to provide a final review before departure.”

“Infections in teeth while flying would be very painful due to the altitude. The cabin’s pressurised air will change faster than the air in small spaces like cavities and ears. The problem is, you can’t pop your teeth by blowing in your cheeks like you do with your ears. “Toothaches can become exacerbated,” says Dr Shawn, “So if you’re on a long flight and you didn’t even bring painkillers, you are going to have a bad time.”

That Picture-Perfect Smile

Want to get that picture-perfect smile ready before your holiday? Consider a professional-strength in-chair teeth whitening treatment. It is a fast, effective and safe way to make a dramatic improvement in the shade of your teeth. In a 90-minute treatment, a concentrated whitening gel is applied under ultraviolet light to remove stains and whiten the teeth, while you lies in comfort enjoying watching Netflix or listening to the radio. Alone or alongside other treatments, whitening has a stunning effect on your smile and overall appearance.

Perhaps you want your teeth to be taken to the next level and have a better, brighter smile. Porcelain veneers can improve the look of your teeth and help protect and strengthen them too. Veneers are made from very thin ceramic shell material that covers your existing tooth structure. At The Dental Room, they are handcrafted by our in-house ceramist and glued to the front of the teeth to create a functional and even smile.

Dental Care While Travelling

A good idea is to reach out to your insurance provider and ask if they have some known practitioners in their local network. If you do have a pre-existing condition, see your own dentist at least two months before you leave to sort out the condition well in advance.

Pack smart and plan in advance. That is the takeaway for your getaway. Dr Shawn’s advice is to pack a small, soft toothbrush, some travel sized toothpaste, floss and mouth rinse. The Dental Room has travel packs in stock that come in their very own travel carry bag. This little kit contains everything you need for on-the-go dental care. If you do have a dental concern that you aren’t sure will be completely over, or you think you may encounter while overseas, make sure you travel with analgesic.

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