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10 March 2023

The relationship between a dentist and a ceramist

What do Batman and Robin, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, and Fox Mulder and Dana Scully have in common? Aside from being famous and fictional duos, they are known for working exceptionally well together, with the ultimate trust and strongest bond. And if you take away one, the other doesn’t make sense.

In real life, a great cosmetic dentist and ceramist duo has to be one of the lesser-known and talked about pairings; however, when it comes to the success of porcelain veneers, it’s THE most important relationship. To understand this, let’s first look at the porcelain veneer process and how the dentist and ceramist work together at The Dental Room to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

What is involved in creating porcelain veneers?

We like to describe the porcelain veneer process as an amalgamation of science and art to create the perfect smile. The smile makeover process using porcelain veneers typically involves a cosmetic dentist who consults, prepares teeth, and places veneers made by one of many ceramists in an off-site laboratory resembling a large pathology lab.

The introduction of porcelain veneers has revolutionised the cosmetic dental industry. In the modern era of digitisation, it’s very rare to find ceramists with good hand skills to create ceramics from scratch; in fact, many clinics implement machine-milled veneers for that reason. If you ask us, the fit and degree of machine customisation are lacking. All veneers at The Dental Room are still traditionally hand-built with layers of ceramic, and this takes place in-house, guaranteeing a seamless process from start to finish.

And what is unique about The Dental Room’s veneers?

You’ve heard us talk up our superhero duo – Dr Shawn and our in-house ceramist, Chloe, and for many dental clinics, a dentist-ceramist alliance is common. However, as mentioned above, you’ll notice something extraordinary about The Dental Room. And that is – unlike most practices, we have our very own in-house Luminous Dental Lab: a complete-service, aesthetic-driven dental laboratory fronted by our very own ceramist Chloe. An integral part of The Dental Room family, Chloe works closely with Dr Shawn, our principal cosmetic dentist and the client every step of the way to deliver the absolute gold-class standard of porcelain veneers.

Dr Shawn looks back to when he first started working in cosmetic dentistry:“I remember preparing teeth then sending the moulds to an outside lab where they were given to any ceramist available. There was never any consistency in the results that came back. And if I needed something fixed, it required the client to return to the clinic for further consultations. So it’s game-changing that we now have our in-house ceramist who works exclusively with me and on my client’s veneers, ensuring quality results every time.”

We are passionate about creating veneers that closely mimic natural teeth at The Dental Room – we don’t believe in creating big, bulky white veneers. Creating these types of natural veneers is not simple to master: it requires attention to detail, precision, and a good eye. Chloe’s skill set allows her to develop custom-made and blended ceramic, handcrafted to the finest detail. This includes painting up to ten shades of white on each tooth, achieving a lustrous, realistic depth. Communication is vital, and you’ll find that we fuss about the little details before we place the veneers on – because we can! Chloe’s services allow us to make necessary adjustments to the veneers on-site, including shape, contours, and shade, to create perfect results for our clients.

Each piece of work created by us is a unique piece of art. The dentist and ceramist relationship is a match made in dentistry heaven!

About Ms Chloe Park

Chloe is the most recent generation in a long line of dental technicians, with both her father and grandfather being leading ceramists in South Korea. She honed her skills in this art form by watching those close to her as she grew up. After graduating from the University of Busan, South Korea, in 2009, Chloe accepted an offer from a leading dental lab in Melbourne. And after six years of working there, Chloe moved to The Dental Room, where she started her dental venture: Luminous Dental Lab. Chloe has the gift of implementing her artistry in a way that blends perfectly with the aspirations of each client and, of course, working closely with dentist Dr Shawn to achieve success.

About Dr Shawn Rama

Dr Shawn Rama is the Principal Dentist and Founder of The Dental Room, with 20 years of experience. Dr Shawn earned his Bachelor of Dental Science (BDsc) in 2003 from the University of Melbourne and has since steadily raised his profile as one of Australia’s elite dentists in Aesthetic dentistry. For Dr Shawn, the comfort and well-being of his clients are of utmost priority. Both himself, Chloe, and every team member at The Dental Room treat each client as one of the family, with unparalleled treatment care and kindness. He has created a clinic like no other: as soon as you step inside its doors, any previous fears of the dentist are removed.

Ready for your smile makeover?

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*A $170 prepayment is required to secure the appointment. For online bookings, please call us on 1300 810 333 so payment can be completed over the phone.

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