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30 January 2023

Benefits of a cosmetic consultation

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success,” and to let you in on a bit of a secret, all of our successes are results of an exceptional planning process which starts with the initial cosmetic consultation with our clients.

The Dental Room is a boutique dental practice that provides an exceptional cosmetic smile experience to all of our clients. We offer a wide range of dental services that meet the needs of each individual at all stages of life, and our cosmetic dentistry services are second to none. Our clients not only leave with new smiles that are hand-crafted and bespoke to them, but the feeling that they’ve been treated like celebrities too.

In order to provide our world-class, sophisticated, natural-looking veneers, the initial cosmetic consultation is paramount to the process.

What is involved in a cosmetic consultation?

No two smiles are the same; therefore, neither are the approaches in treatment. Consider a cosmetic consultation as an opportunity to set the scene for the ultimate customized solution designed to suit you and only you. After all, to achieve the smile of your dreams, we need to get the foundations right first, and that comes in the form of a cosmetic consultation.

Your initial 40 to 60-minute consultation with Dr Shawn – either in-clinic or virtually – is essentially an information-gathering process for the client and dentist. Dr Shawn and team want to understand the whole picture: what motivations have led you to The Dental Room, what exactly would you like to achieve with your treatment, what are you self-conscious about, what type of treatment you’re looking for, plus any financial and social considerations you might have.

We often find that prospective clients are clear about their aesthetic goals but are unsure about how to achieve the results they are looking for. Dr Shawn will provide you with expert advice tailored to meet your specific goals, including the best treatment options available to you (along with their pros and cons), costs and timeframes, and the treatment process.

Dr Shawn believes in equipping his clients with everything they need to know to make a considered decision. After all, a smile makeover can be life-long. Dr Shawn and his team want to be supportive throughout the entire process: from your initial cosmetic consultation right through to you leaving the clinic with the smile of your dreams.

What are the benefits of an initial cosmetic consultation?

Before you commit to treatment, an initial comprehensive cosmetic consultation is hugely beneficial for both yourself and your dentist.

During this session with Dr Shawn and our in-house ceramist, you will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have, as well as your desired smile makeover goals. We understand that a smile transformation journey is very personal, and it is important to feel reassured and looked after VIP-style.

Facially-driven design

Our cosmetic consultation starts by studying the face, not the mouth – letting your facial features dictate the smile and not the other way around. By meeting with you at the consultation, we can start the mapping out these important landmarks as every detail of the veneer, the shape, line angles, corners, lengths, and colour characteristics, are all designed and individualised to suit the facial features. Each veneer is like a precious diamond that needs to be taken care of, and The Dental Room is best placed to do this.

Ceramist with you every step of the way

The ceramist plays a key role in the success of your treatment. What sets The Dental Room apart from other dental clinics is that we have our in-house ceramic lab and our master ceramist Ms Chloe Park. Chloe works exclusively with Dr Shawn and you to create the highest quality work on functional and aesthetic levels.

At most dental clinics, you won’t find consistency in who your dentist or the ceramist are. It is likely that your work gets sent to an external lab where a random technician creates your veneers. You can be assured that at The Dental Room, you will only be seen by the best of the best and you’ll get to know your renowned team right from the beginning. A ceramist and a cosmetic dentist working under the same roof ensures a fully collaborative process. It means that every client undergoing a smile makeover is speaking to both dentist and ceramist simultaneously from the very start. Their individual needs, concerns, and goals will be met by two professionals from the same clinic who are on the same page.

Our top-of-the-range technology explained

The Dental Room uses our own unique ceramic technology and blend of porcelain materials to proudly deliver bespoke, aesthetically-pleasing facially-driven smiles that enhance your overall appearance. In the initial consultation, you will hear all about The Dental Room’s world-leading technology, which ensures accuracy, comfortability, and overall successful results – every time.

Concerns over cost eased

Smile makeovers when done right should not be cheap as no shortcuts should be taken. And It is natural to be worried about how much a treatment will cost, and the aim of this initial consultation with your cosmetic dentist is to provide you with anticipated costs for your treatment and available interest free payment plans to suit your budget.

Access to Dr Shawn Rama, world-class cosmetic dentist

The Dental Room wouldn’t be one of the most sought-after cosmetic dental clinics in Australia without the one and only – Dr Shawn Rama. Dr Shawn has more than 20 years of experience in dentistry. His dedication to each of his clients is clear from his reputation locally and internationally. Having recreated the smiles of many, the passion he puts into his craft makes him one of Australia’s leading aesthetic dentists. You can call him a celebrity dentist, but only because he makes everyone feel like a celebrity.

A cosmetic consultation can be virtual

Based in another state or country ? – no worries! All cosmetic consultations can take place virtually; we have many clients that undertake their initial appointment in this way. It makes things very convenient and efficient for when you make that trip to Melbourne to visit us. You will already ‘know’ your cosmetic dentist and ceramist, and we would have addressed any concerns and answered any questions you have ahead of time. Once your consultation is done, the entire process can be turned around in just a week, allowing more time to explore Melbourne during your stay! The city is world-renowned for its shopping and sight-seeing so you can really make the most out of your visit.

Virtual consultations can provide a meaningful way for prospective clients to meet with Dr Shawn. After all, a smile transformation journey is very personal, and it’s important you feel reassured.

The Virtual Smile Consultation with Dr Shawn couldn’t be easier to begin. Simply call us on 1300 810 333 to book an appointment. Once you’ve locked in a time, we’ll provide you with your secure and private online meeting link. There is no need to download any software! As long as your computer, mobile phone, or internet-enabled device has a working camera and microphone, you will be able to attend the meeting via your web browser.

To book a cosmetic consultation, please call us on (03) 9857 3988.
Note: there is a $170 consultation fee for this 40-minute appointment.

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