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From the social influencers, models, to Aussie athletes, you may find yourself crossing paths with some familiar faces at The Dental Room. Dr Shawn has worked with a number of celebrity smiles over his 20 years of experience. From full smile makeover with porcelain veneers, to aligning teeth with Invisalign and everything in between, check out the gallery of beautiful smiles we have transformed.


A model, social influencer and Entrepreneur of @keepitcleaner.

Steph wanted her smile improved while keeping the veneers extremely discreet. Main concerns: movement of teeth after braces and the colour of the teeth.

Treatment with smile design. 10 upper porcelain veneers. To create better proportioned and positioned teeth that further enhance her appearance while remaining highly aesthetic and discreet.


Aisha Jade is an entrepreneur, model and social media influencer.

Aisha had porcelain veneers done in Sydney a few months prior to her visit at The Dental Room. Unfortunately, the previous veneers did not meet her aesthetic expectations.

Treatment with a virtual cosmetic consultation, smile redesign & removal of 8 existing porcelain veneers and replacement with 10 handmade porcelain veneers.


Long-time client and friend of The Dental Room, Brooke, wanted to improve her smile in anticipation for her wedding day.

Over the years Brooke had become extremely self conscious of her smile and would hold back when smiling or laughing in order to hide her teeth.

Brooke’s smile makeover finished 2 weeks before her wedding and she couldn’t be happier with the results on the day, and every day after!


Khan is a professional CrossFit athlete from Sydney who first connected with us virtually wanting to elevate his smile without overhauling his whole look.

Khan had concerns over the chipping of the edges and colour of his teeth, the lateral incisors were rotated and had some yellowing. We also noticed that Khan had a narrow smile, so we allowed for a slightly wider smile to suit his facial features more.

After flying into Melbourne, Khan had his handmade porcelain veneers placed within a week.


Nevena is a Sydney client who reached out to us to improve her smile with porcelain veneers.

Her main concerns were the alignment and shapes of the front 4 teeth. Orthodontic correction (including Invisalign) was not an option for her.

A 5-day turnaround for treatment, with gum reshaping and 8 porcelain veneers. The aim of treatment was to create a nice smile that was balanced and in harmony with the lower lip.


A model and Instagram influencer from Gold Coast.

Ashton was concerned about the discolouration of her resin bonding and small chip on the front tooth. Also wanted to improve the overall shape and reduce the gaps between teeth.

Treatment with smile design. 10 upper porcelain veneers that have created subtle changes to effect an enhanced smile that is youthful, balanced and has good flow. Turned about within one week before Ashton returned to Gold Coast with her new smile.


Emily Venz visited us from Sydney to improve her smile.

There was a lack of flow due to the large gaps/separations between teeth, client referring to them as “shark-like teeth”. The smile sits shy on the face, with not many teeth showing; the smile is very horizontal with not much height. The white spots on the teeth are a distraction.

We started the treatment journey with a virtual consultation, smile design and collaborated with a Sydney dentist for Invisalign realignment of the lower teeth. Teeth whitening, then 8 handcrafted porcelain veneers.


Kaitlyn works as a model and visited us from the Gold Coast.

She felt her teeth were too small, setback and yellow. We noted discoloration that did not meet her expectations with just teeth whitening, wear of teeth and setback teeth.

Treatment was virtual consultations, smile design, teeth whitening, minor gum recontouring and 8 porcelain veneers. The entire treatment was completed in 5 days.


Eileen is an Australian model & social influencer.

'My smile is all over the place’, she came to us looking for a quick solution to her smile.

Treatment with teeth whitening and 10 upper porcelain veneers to ‘reposition’ teeth for a more fluid appearance.


Leah is a busy mum of 4 from the Mornington Peninsula and the Director of @growinghearts who first consulted with Dr Shawn virtually during the first COVID lockdown.

She felt her teeth had worn down and looked short due to clenching/grinding activity, and would like to regain lost teeth using porcelain veneers

Treatment with smile design, gum recontouring plus 10 upper and 2 lower porcelain veneers, finished in 3 days. It was important to her to keep the essence of the original smile while creating a fuller, younger and fresher look.


An LA based Actress and Model.

Emma was concerned about her ‘Gummy smile’ and noticed she was not showing much teeth when smiling. Would like a bigger brighter smile that fits for television.

Treatment with smile design, crown lengthening / gum repositioning to correct ‘gummy smile’ followed by 10 upper porcelain veneers. 5 day turnaround to fit in with international travel schedules.


Luke is a professional A-League soccer player and was looking for an alternative solution to traditional braces to fix the crowding of his teeth. He didn't want to have teeth removed and needed a safe solution to suit his lifestyle and career.

He had severe upper and lower crowding, a severely narrow arch, asymmetry and imbalances.

This was a very challenging case, with immensely satisfying results. 14 months of Invisalign treatment with a non-extraction approach to resolve the severe crowding. All this while playing professional soccer!

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