Finally, A True Alternative To Braces!

So you’re looking for a way to achieve the smile that you’ve always dreamed of, and you’d prefer an alternative to braces? Well, the great news is that the dental industry has come a long way and braces are no longer the only teeth straightening option available.

Whether you’re seeking something more subtle in terms of aesthetics or you’d like to explore your options, there are exciting and effective alternatives to braces that can deliver you with the teeth-straightening solution that you’re after. However before we dive in, let’s explore the traditional option of braces to understand what makes these alternatives different.

Traditional metal braces

They’ve been around for a long time, and for good reason. Traditional metal braces are effective in the results that they deliver. Strong in nature, metal braces align teeth to achieve the desired smile individuals are after.

However, despite these benefits, there are limitations when it comes to their aesthetics. Made from metal brackets and wires, braces are not subtle. They are clearly visible and as a result, individuals may choose not to avoid braces due to aesthetic reasons.

Considering the very nature of metal braces and their hindrances on an appearance level, it’s no surprise that there are now alternative options to braces.

So just what are those other options, what are the benefits and how they are different from traditional metal braces?

What are your options besides braces?

Have you been wondering how to get good teeth without braces? When exploring the alternative to braces, the good news is that there are several on offer including ceramic braces and lingual braces.

Ceramic braces are popular thanks to their subtle aesthetics. They are tooth coloured, making them less noticeable than traditional braces. If you’d prefer something more discreet, these are a great alternative. However, ceramic braces can be more expensive, meaning they are a considerable financial investment. Depending on your preferences and needs, this is an important factor to consider.

Similarly, lingual braces are also a popular alternative. Placed on the inside of the mouth, they are aesthetically pleasing and ideal for someone wanting a more subtle option. The limitation of lingual braces is that they may take some getting used to. Due to their placement, they may cause initial discomfort. They could be even more expensive than ceramic braces which is why it’s a good idea to do your research before choosing what teeth straightening solution you’ll opt for.

Apart from lingual braces and ceramic braces, are there any other options that are available? Indeed, there are! In our next section, we will be exploring what exactly that option is.

Disclaimer: Treatment results may vary between individuals. Any dental procedure carries risks and benefits that should be considered carefully.

Clear, invisible braces……. Yes!

Lone and behold, Invisalign®. Provided by dentists or orthodontists that have undertaken specific Invisalign® training, it’s no surprise that this alternative to braces is an increasingly popular teeth straightening solution.

Thanks to their aesthetic and the advanced technology that they rely on, Invisalign® is drawing on the latest science to deliver clients with a solution that’s as effective as it is discreet. With a personalised plan curtailed to your needs, Invisalign® employs a customer-centric approach to achieve your ideal smile in the most effective way possible.

So, let’s have a look at what the benefits of Invisalign® are and if this option is suitable for you.
As the name suggests, Invisalign® are almost invisible in appearance. They also allow you more freedom when compared to traditional metal braces. Free from brackets and wires, Invisalign® is completely removable and allows you to eat whatever foods you would like without having to worry about food particles being stuck in braces or breaking brackets.

This saves significant time and money when considering the cost and time involved in repairing metal braces. Invisalign® are safe and removable, making them comfortable and easy to get used to. Plus, they have delivered positive results for countless customers around the globe!

A worthy alternative

After exploring the various alternatives to braces that are on offer, it’s clear that the world of teeth straightening solutions has come a long way. Today, there’s a variety of options on offer to ensure you achieve the smile that you’re looking for with the most suitable method.

As a Platinum Invisalign® Provider (2019), and founded by the leading aesthetic dentist, Dr Shawn Rama, it’s safe to say that at The Dental Room, you’re in great company.

Many clients travel interstate as well as internationally to see Dr Shawn Rama, so be sure to take advantage of his expertise with an Invisalign® appointment. This initial consultation will involve a 3D scan of your teeth and a preview of what your teeth will look like after treatment.

So, if you’re looking for a highly experienced, qualified and professional team, then the Dental Room has you covered. Whether you’re seeking guidance from an expert or you’re in need of personalised advice on achieving the smile that you’re looking for, be sure to get in touch.

The Dental Room will be able to organise your consultation so that you can move toward achieving your dream smile in the most effective and efficient way possible!

Disclaimer: Invisalign® assessments are provided for clients who are interested in learning more about Invisalign® treatment options. Booking is essential. Treatment results may vary between individuals. Any dental procedure carries risks and benefits that should be considered carefully.