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With the pace of chance increasing every day, it is important we keep up to date. The Dental Room is equipped with new dental technology to enable the latest restorative procedures and technologies. We continue to invest in technologies that improve diagnostic accuracy, provides operational efficiencies, and increase the level of communication with our clients.

In house Radiology Centre

No longer do you have to wait on time consuming referrals and results to be delivered from outside radiology centres. The Dental Room is one of the few dental practices in Melbourne to offer in-house radiology so that all information we require is available on demand.

OPGs are commonly taken for wisdom teeth issues; 3D scans are often used when planning dental implants.

With the aid of highly sophisticated hardware and software, diagnosis and treatment are integrated in a digital workflow that can accommodate complex dental procedures never before thought possible .

“Beauty is power; a smile is its sword”

John Ray

Intra-oral cameras

Our digital Intra-oral camera shows us the big picture on small areas.

The camera is able to take high-quality photos of your teeth and gums, which will then be magnified and displayed on a computer monitor for you to see. Our dentists will be able to use the image to see your teeth in greater detail, making it easier to identify potential issues. The photos will also help us to explain our diagnosis, our treatment and give you a greater understanding of any problem areas. When you can actually see what’s happening in your mouth, it’s much easier to gain a deeper understanding of your oral health.We beleive in educating and empowering our clients.

Most love a tour of their mouth!

Infection Control

Behind the scenes within our practice lies a state-of-the-art sterilisation centre. Not only does it employ the latest infection control standards and sterilising equipment, it also looks pretty!

The Dental Room team is highly trained and adhere to a stringent hygiene and safety policy, which exceed Australian standards. All our staff members undertake ongoing safety training, medical emergency procedures and follow regulations meticulously. Client safety is our highest priority.

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